Thursday, July 22, 2010


For the last few days, I have been moving around cardboard boxes.

A little background here: approximately five years ago, the Balabusta and her then husband-to-be moved into this apartment on the Ohlone Greenway.

Technically, it's a two-bedroom apartment, one bedroom to be used as a computer room/den sort of thing. However, for the past five years, it has been so full of boxes, hastily packed and dragged out of the last house, that it has been usable only as a place for my husband to sit at a desk in the corner, beyond the boxes, and play World of Warcraft.

Anyway, I've been pulling the boxes out, repacking them, and rearranging them, and I'm almost sure that when I'm done, all the storage crap will fit into the big closet in the computer room, and the storage unit downstairs.

We will actually have a second bedroom. It's awesome!!!

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