Saturday, March 22, 2008

Watch Your Mouth Ms. Malkin!

So, a gentleman called Protest Shooter (who goes around taking pictures of protests in the Bay Area, because that is where he lives), takes a picture of a woman holding a sign saying "God Damn America".

And Michelle Malkin posts it on her blog, titled Typical San Francisco People.

Dear Michelle,

Part of me wants to make this a kind invitation to come and visit San Francisco--the REAL San Francisco, not the loopy caricature that your ilk so love to take pot-shots at. But frankly, I'm sick of being nice, sick of being offended to my core by self-congratulatory wingnutters, and I can think of few people I would less like to share lunch in Chinatown with, before climbing the hill to show you Grace Cathedral, and the view from the Top of the Mark that my grandparents had a drink at before he shipped out to the Pacific.

My tolerance for this kind of dreck bottomed out when your buddy Bill O'Reilly invited terrorists to bomb my hometown. By the time he was trying to slime Nancy Pelosi with the phrase 'San Francisco values' it was almost passe.

So we'll keep this short and sweet. Michelle. The gal with the "God Damn America" sign is not a 'typical San Francisco person', any more than the Reverend Wright, whose phrase she took is a 'typical minister'. However, the war in Iraq, whose fifth anniversary we just marked, is not popular with Americans. What sense we had that it is serving a good purpose is fading fast. I know you hate this, but it is, in fact, true.

Hence, protests. Now, I don't attend anti-war protests, Michelle, because they attract anti-Semitic and anti-American crazies, and I am allergic to these people. But we do have a fair number of them, on account of, you know, free speech and stuff like that. Now that I've clarified that, lemme ask you--these folks--are they typical Chicago people? Or just typical Catholic schoolgirls? Or do places other than San Francisco get to have nut jobs in their midst without being cursed and reviled by lazy journalists?

Have a happy Easter, lady, and get a grip,


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