Sunday, March 02, 2008

Local Politics (And It's All Local)

Well, not only is Ralph Nader running for president again--for reasons best known to Ralph Nader--but Matt Gonzalez, otherwise known as the non-hair-product candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, is his running mate.

Some years ago, this gentleman faced off with Gavin Newsom, the current mayor of San Francisco, and oh, 'twas a grand fight altogether. Gavin was accused of being part of the Burton Machine, a handpicked heir of Willie Brown, a 'compassionate conservative' (his face on posters with George W. Bush and Schwarzenegger's), and a Republican.

(This may require some explanation. San Francisco is a Democratic party machine town of old. Not crazy lefty radical fringe, as we are inaccurately and persistently stereotyped, but solid, even stolid, Democratic politics as usual. Think Chicago, not Berkeley. San Francisco Republicans give their time and energy to state and national politics, and run one sacrificial candidate for mayor, just to remind people that Republicans are San Franciscans too.

(However, San Francisco is in the middle of the Bay Area, home to many of the crazy lefty radical fringe, and as a result, our mayoral elections tend to get run through a peculiar perception, with the result that non-San Franciscans in the area will sometimes swear to you that a guy like Gavin Newsom is a Republican. I once had to talk seriously to a friend from the East Bay who was convinced that Frank Jordan, of all the nice Irish lads, was a Republican. Frank had his problems--taking a shower with DJs from Los Angeles being the most spectacular of them--but he was definately a Democrat.)

Gavin won the election, and promptly demonstrated his compassionate conservative credentials by legalizing same-sex marriage in the city of San Francisco, just to see what would happen. (What happened was that a lot of radiant forty-something ladies got married, and that the resulting legal paperwork is still ongoing, but that is a story for another day.)

Matt continued to serve as a San Francisco supe, and did not let defeat influence his hairstyle. (Gavin is the hair-gel man, Matt the natural and tousled guy.) And now he is running for VPOTUS, alongside Ralph Nader, Self-Proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs--wait, that's someone else...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bluejeans Here:

Say waht you will about him, John
McCain is a real gentleman. I'm sure he will repay his debt to Ralph and Matt by inviting them and thier SO's to the inagural ball.

Friar Yid (not Shlita) said...

My favorite part about this was a comment someone left on a SFgate article about this- something to the effect of, "I was worried Nader would be a spoiler again because so many people would vote for him. Now that Gonzales is his running-mate, I can sleep easy knowing that won't happen. Thanks, Matt."

Fingers crossed.

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