Monday, March 17, 2008

Starting Slow

I'm starting by cleaning the kitchen--the kitchen needs it--and thinking carefully about the dimensions of my dissatisfaction with what's going on around here.

The situation at George C. Moonbat High is tricky, and I do not want to go into it in too much detail online. But basically, I find myself:

1. Teaching high school English to students who do not want to put in the minimum effort required to pass high school English, and openly express how annoyed they are with my lame attempts to get them to do so.

2. Spending WAY too much time on the job, never catching up, and feeling guilty and depressed most of the time.

3. Without a driver's license or vehicle, and so, stuck in suburbia without a whole lot of mobility.

4. Short of cash.

5. Not doing many many things I want to do, in some part because of reasons 3 and 4. Take an evening class at shul? Hour each way, minimum. Visit a friend? Anywhere from an hour each way to three or four.

6. Burned out.

I guess question #1 is, can the job at George C. be saved? I plan to stay to the end of the year--ten weeks from the time I return to school. I can see myself, if other things changed, returning to teach history, or study skills, or many other things. Not English. I don't know if this is an option, but I guess I should discuss it with the directors.

I really don't want to start a Whole New Job. And I like the students. But I can't teach English like this next year.

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