Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to, ugh, work

So I get an e-mail from my director, cced to the other director, and to some woman I have never the heck heard of. Seems that the woman I never heard of is a student at a local college, and will be available this spring to work in my classroom as a 'field placement'. Is that OK with me?

Well, no. I do not know who this woman is, or what her teaching background is. I do not know what her field placement will be in. I do not know how much time she plans to spend in my classroom on a weekly basis. I do not know if her 'field placement' requires me to act as a mentor, turn a section of my class over to her, or otherwise assist her, or evaluate her, or if the point is that she will be teaching me. Until I have some idea of these things, I am not issuing an open invite to the classroom.

Not that it will help much. Today I got the math substitute teacher in as a floater. I am also going to have the director's wife, who is teaching part-time, coming in four days a week to hang out in my English class. The director himself showed up for an extended period, in history, told me later that the discussion was nice, ummm...well, we'll talk more later. My classroom is like Grand Central Station. The Directortzin was in last week, and at the staff meeting was full of observations about how things were going in the classroom.

The margarine of my humility is getting spread pretty thin.

This morning, Morah Rina invited a friend of hers who counsels and teaches at UC to talk to the kids about their futures. The kids were AWFUL.

I am a litle bit crabby right now.

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Pesky Settler said...

From the recipes I've found it's fairly easy to make Halvah (basically bring sugar and/or honey with a few other ingredients to a boil, add tehini, mix well, seal in container and let it refrigerate for 36 hours) but I've got fantastic ready-made stuff an hour away :)

And yep, the Incipient Shire of Maale Giborim is hopefully heading towards official full Shire status by summer :)