Monday, May 28, 2007

Counting on Moshiach

I have a date to go look at wedding dresses. Thank heavens.

Oh, and also,

Balabusta Bluejeans
daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Bluejeans


Fella Groomra
son of

Invite you to rejoice with us and our families at our wedding
To be held a Big Reform Shul
In a Large West Coast City

On a date that appears in both the secular and Jewish calendars

Lunch reception to follow.


I considered the whole 'to be held in Jerusalem unless circumstances work against us' wording, but decided against it for a variety of reasons:

1. If Moshiach shows up, I actually think we might postpone the wedding until everyone calms down a little. You know, the whole not mixing rejoicing with rejoicing thing, and, well, the whole thing is just going to become more complicated.

2. We're going to have to find a place to have the wedding in Jerusalem, and I suspect there may be something of a rush on for good spots. And if it's me trying to marry Groomra at the King David Hotel, or KING DAVID, trying to marry his ninth (tenth?) wife at the King David Hotel, you can sort of see who's going to win. Except that I have a Mastercard, and he probably does not...anyway, you can see the issue.

3. So given all of this, maybe giving specific directions for the event of Moshiach's arrival on the invites is not such a good idea. In the event, we can just call everyone and say we're making other plans. Or they will assume.

4. Seriously, I figured it might scare my in-laws, gentile relatives, Jewish relatives--lots of people who will be getting invites it might scare. I would need to write a letter explaining the custom to include with each invite--and then spend a lot of time on the phone assuring people that we really are having the wedding at Large Reform Shul, and they don't need to book flights to Israel. I remember an evening when a family friend told us, over dinner, with no prelude, that he and his wife were 'moving to Paradise'. We thought he had joined some cult until he explained that he was talking about Paradise California, near Chico. I don't need to put my machatenim through a similar moment.

Am ordering invites this evening. Wish me luck.


Eliyahu said...

haven't heard anything from moshiach yet, and i'd be the first to know...i bless you and ask the creator's blessings on you per your request. good luck, and remember to have fun. (you simply must collect these posts, in case you get into scrapebooking)

Amishav said...

Hey...good luck with that...and don't freak out the relatives TOO much. :)

Juggling Frogs said...

Just keep an up-to-date telephone list, in case Moshiach comes before the wedding, so you can call everyone and let them know.

Mazal tov, by the way!