Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The language of the blogs

Does anyone else sometimes look at the odd collections of letters Blogger asks you to reproduce to prove you're a real poster, and not a mailbot, and think that they must be words from some mysterious and exotic language? Not all of them, I mean zxetgds doesn't seem to mean much, but today I got:


I pronounce it rock-HOCK-oo, but obviously you might come up with something different. What IS a raqhaqu? I think it is a noun, and I think it must be onomatopoetic.

Perhaps a raqhaqu is the sound of tree braches being tapped against your windows by a rising autumn storm.

A raqhaqu could be a kind of love song.

Or a kind of dove.

A raqhaqu could be a warm, intense wind that rushes into town off the desert, and causes people to eat eclairs and take their shoes off in public.

The possibilities, they're endless. What do YOU think it is?


Gavriel said...

It's poetry written by children of Iraqi-Japanese inter-marriage.

Oh, and abteq. Really.

Cait said...

"Raq" is an arabic word meaning "dance," such that the various types of what are called "middle eastern dancing" are raqs-whatever.

So it's some sort of dancing...

And ytxozz, which is my word, is the noise you make when you fall asleep in the soup.

Eliyahu said...

yeah, but what do you do with hjxwtvyx? might oqzdfgx, required now, be mayan?

The back of the hill said...

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Sheyna Galyan said...

I always wondered what would happen if the random letters in the word verification actually spelled something. The one I see below right now is


Maybe how one might say "Abraham" with dust in one's mouth? :-)

As for raqhaqu, I was thinking about a bird, a distant cousin to the cuckoo. Raqhaqu clocks are quite rare and very expensive.