Wednesday, July 05, 2006


OK. On Sunday, I am taking the BART to Oakland, and as I am boarding the train, I am approached by a man who has a question about my sweatshirt. (It belonged to the fella's mom, so I know nothing at all about the team it relates to. Not even what sport they play.) We continue to talk on the train, and discover that both of us write historical fiction. He is pleasant, maybe a generation older than I. He asks if we could 'continue our conversation', and I give him my e-mail address.

He promptly writes, asking if we could go and see a movie, or watch fireworks, or etc. I write back saying that I enjoy talking to other writers, but prefer to keep it online unless I know them from 'real-world' contexts.

He writes back, saying that he thought we had met in the 'real world', and is sorry if he made me uncomfortable. He does not respond to the question about his work I had included.

Now I feel irritable. Is it time to buy that chador? Go everywhere with headphones on? Erk. Erk.


The Town Crier said...

thanks for your comments

Eliyahu said...

think, 'romantic relationship.' he is, after all, a guy. if you want to continue the conversation, just tell him, no romanace, period. if you don't...well, the same answer works.