Friday, July 14, 2006

I got the job I got the job I got the job

I was offered, and have accepted, a job teaching English, religion and PE (Maybe I can get enough credit for #2 that Herself will offer me some help with #3) at a small Catholic school in Oakland.

Now, I am still a little black and blue from the last two hideous years, and I am very, very nervous about buying too wholeheartedly into anything but THIS ROCKS! I have a sweet principal, keys to the building, the ability to teach from novels, and a big room. With individual little desks. Next week I'm going to start going in a couple of times a week and getting my room ready for the coming year.

As for the Balabusta teaching religion in a Catholic school--yeah, go ahead and laugh. I'm reading the textbook now, and I think it will go fine. About 40% of the students are not Catholic either, and the same principles that apply to creating a good lesson in anything else apply to teaching about the Eucharist. We'll be all good. I'm planning a snappy little bit where they make poster-cards of sacramental symbols.

Now comes the intense nervousness, though. I interviewed really well, and I think I've made a great impression--now all I have to do is teach well enough to match that impression. Oy, that's the catch. But I am a good teacher (I know this when I'm in my right mind) and I'm going to work my tuchis off. I'm doing my best to NOT THINK about the last two years. I know my classroom management skills have improved dramatically under fire. I know that I can (per my BTSA mentor, too) plan a really good lesson. I'm smart. And I talked about what I believe and what I know in the interviews, and they responded to it. I can DO this. The teachers talk about the kids and parents with a lot of enthusiasm, and OHHHHH, this is just great. Bounce, giggle, rub hands together gleefully.

And yes, I've been reading the news. NOT bounce giggle there. Crud, there. More to follow.


Irviner Chasid said...

This reminds me of my friend who went to a Catholic all girls school.

Well, she was the only Jew in the school, was an athiest and won the "religion award" from her graduating class.

Go figure.

Eliyahu said...

awesome! you'll be great -- threw those doubts away, or at least give them over to the other side in Lebanon. some doubt would be good for Hezbollah! seriously, how wonderful for you and your students! the balabusta, missionary to the catholics, by the example of your way with the world!

Anonymous said...

Major congrats balabusta

-- niamh

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

i can't believe they want you to teach religion, whoa.

Moishe Q. Public said...