Sunday, May 07, 2006

Six Weeks To Go

June 15 is the last day of school with kids.

Currently on my mind:

1. JOB! I'm doing interviewing, but have not been as scrupulous as I want to be about sending out apps or updating my online stuff--I'm so damn tired! And one of the Jewish schools I would love to work for has an opening, but only half I'm thinking about that.

Last Tuesday, I spent six hours in transit, there and back, getting to a job interview. I want a car and a laptop. NOW.

2. MONEY! Have developed concern that I didn't understand the lady at payroll, and maybe will have less over the summer than I thought. Must call tomorrow.

3. WHIPPETS! OK, that's an odd one. The fella and I are dogsitting this weekend. Two whippets are involved. It's kind of nice, like babysitting in high school except you're allowed, nay encouraged, to bring your boyfriend over. The baby of the whippets is a total wiggleworm. I spent about an hour this morning, just lying around and being jumped on by dogs.

4. Paxil. Do I want to stay on it? Not having panic attacks is so nice. But it's WEIRD.

5. I hate job hunting. But love the idea of having a new job. Seems like a chance for a whole new life.

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