Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bitter and sweet

My friend's husband is not doing well. Despite his incredible resiliance, his liver is apparently very badly damaged, and the doctors are not optimistic.

When she married him, thirteen years ago--my mom corrected my math--I thought she was much too young to be getting married, and in any case had only known him a few months. (Way 231 you can tell the Balabusta is not haredi...) Now, all I can think is that she is much, much too young to be a widow. I keep expecting a miracle. This isn't quite sinking in yet.

All the way around on the other side of the wheel...

My paraprofessional-for-Monday's daughter had her baby, after a week of dilation, crankiness, and worry. The baby weighed nine pounds and fourteen ounces (WOW!), and is a girl. Mother and child are doing fine.

I should have the class make a poster for them, or something.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it sometimes amazing how life and death are always running up against each other? I hope that your friends husband doesn't suffer too much.

Eliyahu said...

may he blessed with a complete recovery, and may it be swift! never, never give up! he is still alive, and still has a chance, no matter how small!