Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

My job hunt is in full swing now. I have done three interviews, am lined up for more, and have a number of people I'm talking to by phone and negotiating with for face time. I am back to the world of getting dressed up and then taking bus, BART, Caltrain, taxi, prop plane, rickshaw, camel, and riverboat to wherever I need to go, consulting my TransitInfo directions as I go.

I wish I could drive. I wish I had a car.

When I express this wish, people often tell me I'm better off, and discuss the expense of car insurance and the high price of gas. They have no idea. First, public transit ain't so cheap. Secondly, public transit, if you're in the East Bay, ain't so convenient.

I am sick of taking hours to get places. I am sick of standing in the rain and freezing cold at bus stops. I am sick of not being able to move stuff around in my car. I am sick of being a pedestrian. Note to self. Learn to drive!

Any suggestions? I am kind of nervous, but I can move a car around. I tried working with a very good firm of driving teachers, but they are EXPENSIVE. I just can't afford $150 for a two-hour lesson. Any one got a fairly cheap driving school in the Bay Area to recommend, one that has a good attitude about thirtyish ladies who are sure they're incapable of driving in traffic? Or other advice?

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Eliyahu said...

probably the single best pointer would be to be observant (and by that, i don't necessarily mean orthodox), and pay attention. attention to what's going on around you, and to the vehicle. this includes the preflight checklist that pilots do, only for cars. air in tires, turn signals work, etc. other than that, i can can only say it's lots easier than working with the starter equine (not that i've actually done that, but i do drive.) traffic does flow, and so you're best going with the flow. no radio or ipod, at least to start with. you can do it, and live to see the bat/bar mitzvahs. go!