Monday, February 06, 2006

Cinnamon Dolce

Today I left school after an intensely weird staff meeting. (Coworker to principal: "This whole year was a joke! There has been no support! No respect! No organization." Principal: "Thank you. We have two minutes left. Does anyone want to add another question for the committee?" Coworker stuffs paperwork into shoulder back and leaves meeting two minutes early.)

I went into downtown (small East Bay community, name withheld) to pick up a prescription at Kaiser, and even though I felt like hell, it was warm, and breezy, and the whole world smelled like spring. And I stopped at Starbucks and got a cinnamon dolce latte, and it was marvelous, and the buses were running for me.

Down the street, a magnolia tree has started to bloom, and the cherry and almond trees are going berserk.

I wish I wasn't so stressed, and that I could open my classroom windows and let the spring breezes sweep in--but a little sweet goes a long way right now.

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Eliyahu said...

make mine a double! sounds like spring! isn't it wonderful!