Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A boyfriend of valor

Who can find, for his price is above rubies...

He observeth that the girlfriend is twitching and writhing from pain in her side, and encourageth her to call the advice nurse,

While she speaketh on the phone, yea, he riseth from his bed, and getteth on his clothes without discussion, and goeth to the computer to look up the directions to the emergency room in Richmond,

While she apologizeth tearfully for letting this happen on the erev of his thirtieth birthday, yea, he sayeth unto her, "Get in the van, sweetie, and if you say you're sorry again, I am going to turn around and drive you back home and let you suffer."

He parketh skillfully, and leadeth her to the ER check-in, and he watcheth MASH and Roseanne reruns without complaint until two in the morning.

He cheereth her up, and holdeth her hand whilst the urinalysis draggeth slow in the watches of the night, yea, he rejoiceth with her when the antibiotics are brought, and his paper cup is overflowing in ice water with, for some reason, a straw in it.

Plaid and denim are his clothing, and he shall get a mint chocolate cake in time to come...

(Note, it is just a UTI, and now that I have Cipro, (and three huge Tylenol in the ER), I am feeling quite a bit better. Apologies to the King James Bible translation team.)

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MUST Gum Addict said...

Mint Chocolate Cake. Oh yumyumyumyum...

By the way, I rode the BART today and didn't see you. But I thought of you just the same. Hope the rain washes away and the sun comes out to shine soon.