Monday, January 02, 2006

Do I want to see Munich?

The answer is probably no. But I do want to add, as an aside, that I have been hearing about how anti-Israel and hand-wringing _Munich_ is all over the Jewish blogs. I have no reason to doubt it. The guilt-ridden Mossad guy is a big ol' cliche, and honestly, I ain't in the mood.

Then I read the review in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. They're of the opinion that despite some backhanded attempts to humanize the Palestinians, the movie glosses over Israel's displacement and occupation of an indigenous people.

You can't please hardly anyone any of the time, can you?

Speaking of Mossad agents, does anyone out there watch NCIS? I am still mad at them for killing Kate off, but isn't Ziva gorgeous?


Moishe Q. Public said...

When did Spielberg go wrong?

westbankmama said...

You've been tagged with the 4MEME.

If you like these things than I am happy, if you hate these things I apologize.

Moishe Q. Public said...

Did you read this?