Sunday, September 25, 2005

On How The School I Work For Is Lousy

Right now I am unable to get any support or interest about my computer situation because the entire administration is working hours and hours of overtime to balance the classload before the stroke of midnight on Tuesday (or eight AM on Wednesday), when the union will strike back if contractual obligations are not met.

I would be the last person to say this isn't needed. There's a woman across the hall from me who has over forty kids in a middle school math class. This is a recipe for student failure, and teacher collapse.

But my computer doesn't work! Hasn't worked for over a week!

On a positive note, I managed to figure out which of the four extra computers lying around in my classroom had the grading program on it, plugged a cranky but basically working printer into it, and managed to power the whole thing up. So there's that.

I have my health. Thought I was getting sick on Friday, but it turned out to be some kind of allergy attack.

Only one parent showed up to my ESL-parent meeting. Luckily, he was the dad of one of my best students, so it was easy to be nice to him.

I need to do laundry now.

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