Sunday, September 04, 2005

New House Puzzles

I've been back to work for a week, and in that time, the alarm clock situation has become dire.

The bedroom of the new house is small, although big enough--we tend to live in the living room and computer room, so the bedroom is basically used for sleeping, storing clothes, and occasionally I will read in there, sitting on the bed, if the fella is watching something on TV I'm not interested in.

However, it has two electrical outlets. One is across from the foot of the bed. The other is now behind the head of the bed.

I can't plug anything into the one behind the bed, because the bed rests against it, and will work plugs loose. So I can't put my alarm clock on my bedside bookshelf, which is what I normally would do.

Instead, the clock is opposite the foot of the bed, on a stool. That would be okay, except that a. I have to physically leave bed to turn it off, sometimes requiring stumbling and confusion, and b. I am shortsighted enough that I can't see the glowing red time without my glasses.

And the Balabusta is paranoid about missing her five-thirty wake-up call and being late to work if her horrible commute is thrown off, so especially in the fall, she is prone to wake up for the first time around four and wake up to check the clock at periodic intervals after that. The boyfriend remarked recently that he has been awakened in the night by odd clicking noises, which he was able to identify after some confusion as the Balabusta picking up her glasses from the nightstand, putting them on to check the time, and then putting them back down.

There must be a better way of doing this.

Also, the Balabusta does not really have so many clothes as all that, but the clothes rod in the closet is sagging in the middle.

On the bright side, I did a TON of laundry today, and have socks and tights and undies that will last for quite some time. I also found a sweater I was missing, and opened a box that proved to have some work clothes in it including my favorite black work slacks, (Chicos, comfortable, cut big enough, and sort of textured fabric, go with everything) and some long-sleeved T-shirts, as well as a couple of wedding-type outfits (less necessary, but hey, someone could get married.)

I also washed some things of the fella's, including his overalls. The overalls proved to have a handful of big nails in the pocket. The washing machine suffered no damage that I can tell.


Anonymous said...

I keep the alarm clock across the room so that I can't turn it off without waking up. But since I'm nearsighted, I sleep with my watch on, and won't buy a watch unless I can read it at night (glow in the dark numerals or now indiglo).

Kai Jones said...

Have you thought of using an extension cord?

Eliyahu said...

well, there are those 90 degree flat plug extension cords, which only stick out from the outlet about 3/4 inch.