Sunday, September 18, 2005

Computers Down, Balabusta Shaky

The computer at my work went down Thursday. That means I can't send e-mail, or take attendence, or do any kind of work on the computer. Luckily I keep my grades on my home computer, and planned to do some lesson planning on that computer as well this weekend. However, as of this morning, that computer is down too.

I am typing this on the boyfriend's machine. I did a week of lesson plans on lined paper.

I simply feel overloaded. I was planning to post the grades this week to scare my do-nothing morning class, but now I'm going to instead spend time reconstructing my gradebook from paper notes--guess I'm back to entering it by hand into a notebook until I can get a mouse that works with the work computer that I can ask for the grading program to be loaded onto the computer that's different from the computer that's down. The printer I scavenged at work doesn't work at all, so I can't print out at work. Oh, and all the writing I've been working on is in the home computer that's down--I have backups of most of it, but the backups are on disks in the garage...somewhere. And I have nothing to transfer them to.

I wept. I simply broke down and sobbed like a little kid that none of it was fair. I still feel incredibly shaky. None of this is too awful by itself, but in terms of getting set up for my second year of teaching, which so far has been very messed up and complicated, it just seems that one thing after another is happening, and I can't deal with all of it--and it's assumed at work that I will function at a high level whether the computer works or not.

I think I need to be working at a different school next year. Perhaps the kind where they have computers with grading programs on them, and printers attached.

Also, I am presiding over a meeting of the ESL students' parents on Wednesday, and I have to share the floor with our principal, who is just a problem. And I'm already tired on Sunday afternoon. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

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Barefoot Jewess said...

How disappointing for you!!!!! I can so relate. Sometimes I wish I had my own planet, where things run the way I want them to, and if anything breaks down, it doesn't happen to me. I HATE when that kind of thing happens. To me.

Man, it is soooo stressful!

WBS said...

I've read through your blog - pretty cool. And boy, do I have news for you! Does Balabusta have an email address?

By the way, I blame you and West Wing (on Bravo) for keeping me up until this late hour when I should be sleeping or reading. Good night!

P.S. I think the anonymous comment is spam.

Jack's Shack said...

There are few things that I dislike more than being forced to do additional work because the office equipment is not functioning the way that it should be.

Anonymous said...

Come over to my house! I have a computer!

Zuki said...

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