Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not feeling so great

Friday was the point at which my post-Paxil calmness plummeted in the face of 28 sixth graders who absolutely refused to shut up.

I cried through a three-day weekend. I went back to school today, and it was lousy, lousy, lousy.

You want to know what the lousiest part was? It was the part where I had to ring the 'attention' signal to get attention in the middle of a transition to math class.Why? Someone's backpack was missing.

So why did they ignore it? Well, it turns out that they HAD to get to math class, because Sister is 'strict'.

I, of course, am chopped liver.

Did I mention it got up to ninety-five degrees by late afternoon?

I have a headache, I want to cry all the time, I am furious with my class, and with myself, and I'm overheated. It's really, really special.

I want to be back at St. Dymphna's.

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Friar Yid said...

My sympathies! I am spending my third year as a TA at a school I no longer really like (much less buy into), splitting my time between four grades and five classes (!), and being relegated to busywork like making copies and grading math homework because my primary lead teacher can't get his act together and plan lessons more than one day in advance, "so how could he possibly explain them to me and have me teach anything?" Wow, so glad I bothered with that credential thing!

On the upside, it sounds like my kids (1st-5th) are cuter than yours. On bad days, cuteness definitely helps.