Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here in Baghdad-by-the-Bay

At The Back of the Hill reports:


Early Saturday evening, homosexual anti-Israel demonstrators held a noisy event
in the Castro district, to the general disapproval of most of the people on the
street. They were counter-protested by several local activists, and a swelling
number of passers-by.Most gay San Franciscans are keenly aware that only one
state in the Mid-East offers gays full rights and protection. So when the
Israel-haters started throwing shoes, in imitation of their ideological cohorts
in parts of the extremist world, enthusiastic volunteers gathered up the flung
footwear for deposit in nearby garbage cans. This proved discomfiting to the
pro-terror side, as the throwers were left barefoot in consequence.

Meanwhile, Most Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro was vandalized. Swastikas were painted on it, in addition to angry messages about Archbishop Niederauer's support for Prop. 8.

Problem is, MHR is a predominantly gay Catholic parish. So this is not only hateful and ugly, it's even more stupid than if they had hit any other Catholic church.

Deep, deep sigh.


Belle Gunness said...

Oh, lovely, another wingnut Jew who sides with the fundie and Catho-fundie bigots. Makes me glad I'm glad I was raised in a not-very-observant Conservative household by parents who are only into the cultural aspects.

Guess what? When you take away people's rights, they get angry. But then again I'm used to reich-wingers projecting their own hatefulness and bigotry onto the people they want to oppress. "How dare you flinch when I strike you??!"

BBJ said...

Uh, hello.

Which rights are you referring to? The right to paint swastikas on a gay church? That's not a right I was previously aware of.

Read the site, chica, then if you want to call me a wingnut go for it.