Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Moose hunting is big in Iowa

Kay Hymowitz declares in heavily loaded code:

Palin represents a red-state version of feminism that completely deconstructs
this framework. Sure, part of the red staters’ identification with Palin is a
matter of lifestyle. Blue-state feminists live in big cities and suburbs; Palin
lives in South Podunk. Blue staters’ kids play soccer; Palin’s play hockey. They
have WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER bumper stickers; she’s a member of the NRA. They dine on sushi; she eats salmon that she caught and gutted. If you’re an Iowa toll collector married to a refrigerator repairman, Palin may well be your gal by
reason of her origin and leisure activities alone.

Oh, Lord have mercy on us. This, this floof is what gives me the culture wars headache.


1. While coastal big cities are dark deep blue, most red-state women do not live in the boondocks. They live in cities, towns and suburbs.

2. Hockey is not a blue-collar sport, it is a northerner's sport. Also popular in blue Minnesota. Soccer is increasingly popular in affluent communities (Ms. Hymowitz's exact point), but most kids, red and blue, play baseball and basketball. Also, hockey is not a cheap sport. Just sayin'.

3. Supporting the war and supporting domestic gun rights are two totally separate things. Just sayin'.

4. I've caught and gutted a salmon. I also like sushi.

5. Why the hell would an Iowa toll collector identify with this woman? Because she's a moose hunter? Moose hunting is big in Iowa? If you told me she was a scrapbooker, I think she'd have the red-state feminist vote locked down.

Signing off to dine on sushi, and get my chakras aligned.

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