Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Nicer News

George Takei got married to his longtime partner Brad Altman this past weekend--mazal tov!

(Look, I'm a longtime Trekkie and a same-sex marriage rights enthusiast. How much better does it get? Nichelle Nichols and the guy who played Chekhov were in the wedding party.)

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aliyah06 said...

And about time!! This is another Trekkie who likes George not just 'cause he's a cutie, but because I interviewed him once-upon-a-time for the college newspaper---and he was a truly nice guy! As was Walter Koenig, who had an amazing sense of humor.

I, also, don't get all the fuss--why shouldn't they get married?

I'm an Independent for just these reasons: abortion is a woman's choice (to have or NOT have--HER choice), gay marriage is a Constitutional requirement, BUT I'm also an NRA member so-don't-touch-my-guns, and I think Three Strikes was long overdue...I just don't fit into either party.