Saturday, April 05, 2008

There is a squirrel on the roof. Or maybe a crow.

I can hear it clomping around, and repeatedly dropping some sort of food or nesting item.

One morning I was horribly started when a crow thunked down on the bathroom skylight. Suddenly there was a noise, and the light went dim, and when I looked up, there were two crow feet, comfortably resting overhead.

It's spring, and the wildlife of El Cerrito is doing its thing. Many squirrels and crows, various birds, etc.

The ducks are back in the creek. There is a bitty creekbed that runs down the Ohlone Greenway, and there is a pair of mallards that show up annually to hatch out new ducks. I don't think they've laid the eggs yet, since the girl duck is still paddling around alongside her mate. Once the eggs are in the nest, she usually disappears for most of the rest of the spring, and we only see him, standing guard on the bank and looking noble and mildly stressed out.


Nella said...

Ducks don't start sitting on nests full-time until they've finished laying their eggs. So your feathered neighbour may have got some eggs already, but is still free to move around until she lays the last one.

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

Ah. Thank you! I'm interested in our neighbors, as you may have noticed...