Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Vacation

For some reason, George C. Moonbat gives you Presidents' Day week off--what they call "Ski Week" in Marin.

I don't ski--never seen the attraction--but I am just starting to relax slightly.

Also, I can see the bottom of my sink again. This is good.

Today I am going to:

Send away for transcripts from my various colleges,
Get quarters from the bank,
Do a lot of laundry,
Cook something yummy,
Work out,
and possibly vacuum.

I have three pairs of new earrings, too! My husband negotiated for someone to bring me earrings back from their vacation in exchange for him sitting their cat! They are silver and dangly, and have amber bits.

(The fact that we were expecting Einat back from her trip to pick up her keys did lead to us opening the door around eight for a schnorrer from some moonbat organization, who began by telling us that he was a peace activist, and asking if the idea of George Bush getting control of more nuclear weapons ((he wasn't funny enough to say 'nuke-you-lahr')) made us want to vomit. Just what we needed before dinner. Although neither of us is keen on the idea of Mr. Bush fooling around with nukes, we closed the door on this chap anyway.)

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