Friday, July 13, 2007

The Dozen of the Day

1. We've finally settled on a caterer for the wedding. Don't ask. Just don't ask. There will be food. That's all we know, and all we need to know.

2. The job hunt progresses. I have two things I've interviewed for that should be getting back to me. One place turned me down. (Jewish community job of the kind that ALWAYS turns me down...grrrrrrrr.) I really want a job. I really, really, want a job.

3. The fella's temp agency finally came through and got him a nice two-week gig.

4. We are starting to get wedding presents!

5. We are starting to get response cards in the mail!

6. I am thinking about maybe teaching religious school next year, something I haven't done in about ten years.

7. I'm having trouble sleeping. Don't know if it's the heat, or stress, or what.

8. Need to buy a veil. And shoes. And a bra.

9. Bought the first watermelon of the summer. Ahhhhh....

10. Need to do some serious financial planning.

11. I've realized that, at thirty-four, I am now the same age as Marge Simpson.

12. Saw the latest Harry Potter. Not how I would have adapted Order of the Phoenix, but it was nice to go out and see a movie, which I have not done in far too long.

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