Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hack, wheeze, hack hack hack

Hi everyone. Happy (wheezyhack) New Year.

Monday, you may recall, was yontiff, and I was off work. Sadly, I started to feel the beginnings of a bad cough and virus that day. It wasn't awful--I finished the fast, went home, and went to work the next day.

Tuesday, I was achy and wheezy and hacky and during recess yard duty, an eighth grader kicked a soccer ball high into the air, and it landed SQUARELY on the crown of Mrs. Balabusta's head.

BONGGGGGG! The eighth grader apologized. I assured him that I was OK. But now I had a headache, and sore neck muscles, and every time I coughed---OH the ache.

So, Tuesday night I went home and went to sleep at five thirty in the afternoon. I woke up periodically after that, each time deciding not to regain consciousness permanently. The one exception was four-thirty AM when I noticed that while asleep I had sweated clean through my sheets and a very heavy comforter and was soaking wet. So I got up, found clean blankets in the dark, made a kind of cocoon, and went back to bed.

Got up Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM.

Got up Thursday morning at 6:00 AM.

This is not getting easier. I really hurt.

And today and tomorrow we have parent conference. This evening, I have parent conferences until 6:45, with little breaks here and there.

Poor parents. What kind of plague-ridden hag is teaching their kids?

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