Saturday, October 14, 2006

Flylady says...

"Your house did not get dirty overnight, and it is not going to get clean overnight."

But as the fella has pointed out, Flylady is mistaken. It takes approximately 24 hours for a house to get completely awful. Our house, anyway.

I've been down for the count for over a week. Despite the fella's best attempts to keep the dishes going, etc., the house looks as though teenage (male) mercenaries with fierce Coca-Cola addictions and an interest in collecting scrap paper and trying to cook dinner (but not cleaning up after the attempt) have been squatting in it.

They didn't break any windows, or leave behind unexploded ordinance, so I guess it could have been worse. And luckily, they weren't smokers. Slowly, we have begun to put things back together.

In other news, I note with annoyance that 'skinny' pants seem to be the new look. Since the world does not need any pants in it that aren't bootcut, this seems particularly insane. Look, even Audrey Hepburn would have looked better in bootcut pants. Think how cute.

I'm still coughing, but things are generally much better.

Tomorrow I'm going to try something new--rather than get in to the school around 11 and stay to late afternoon, I'm going to try to get in by eight, and leave at noon, packing in four hours of earnest work, and getting home by early afternoon, to do laundry, hang out w/fella, make a nice dinner, etc.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

I just wanted to chime in my annoyance at the skinny pants too. I like "grownup" boot cut jeans/pants alot (versus the teenage low rider, tight thigh boot cuts). In theory, I have the right body type for the skinny pants but I hate how they look on my calves. I am so with you on this one!!

Sorry about the house mess...teenagers will do that to ya!

Have a good day!