Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day, All!

OK, I can tell right now that I will have lots of stories about my new students. For both privacy and convenience, I will continue with my blog habit of giving everyone Hebrew names--so now, let me tell you about Dovidl. You're going to hear a lot about Dovidl. At mass on Friday morning, Dovidl behaved so badly, that the vice principal had to talk to him afterward. I later informed him that if he ever behaves like that in a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or sacred pile of rocks again, whether I am with him or not, there will be some serious consequences.

I also learned that Dovidl, despite not having made his First Communion, went up and got communion anyhow. When the VP discussed this with him, he blamed it on Brachi, who told him to.

Maybe this is what they mean when they say that it's dangerous for women to have too much power in the Church. Did they mean twelve-year-old girls who tell their classmates to get in line, though?

Whatever. Nice weekend. I am, of course, lesson planning right now, in addition to cleaning the house, doing laundry, simmering a pot of stew (BTW, a pound of brisket chopped up with whatever stew veggies you like, crockpotted on low for eight hours, makes a very nice stew, although a little fatty), and trying to create a working schedule for this fall.

I really need to have some kind of schedule. I am overextended. I am ALWAYS overextended. And yet, I don't seem to get much done. Can just having a job, and keeping the house picked up mean you're overextended?

Anyway, goals for the fall are:

Do good at work.
Get the house nicer than it is now.
Work on thesis.
Spend some time with friends.
Get involved a little with a shul.
Do some of my own writing.
Learn to drive.

That doesn't SEEM like a lot. Am I overreaching?


Anonymous said...

sounds like a more reasonable list than I have! I think you can do it.

Eliyahu said...

blogging is your thesis or your own writing? i'd try to get it approved for your thesis. if you bring your digital recorder to driving lessons, then you could have the computer (Naturally Speaking software) type up your notes for your blog, er, thesis. as you can tell, i am a firm beliver in getting the job done by multi-tasking. your list is an admirable, and heroic way to start the new year. blessings for great success. eliyahu

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion that you should use one or two names for all students. Assuming coworkers or students find your blog, you don't want anyone to be able to follow all of your thoughts about a single student.

The list is possible. Good luck with the new year!