Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Does Shmuley Do This To Me?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the Kosher Sex Rabbi himself, is going to release a book about Michael Jackson. Now he's just doing this on purpose.

Seriously. Are there a lot of people out there who are just dying to read a book by Shmuley Boteach about Michael Jackson's 'life, views on celebrity and what motivated him'?

Actually, there probably are. I'm just baffled as to who they are, and what their other problems might be.

I also think that Rabbi Shmuley is doing this just to get back at Madonna. He's always disliked Madonna, in part because of the Kabbalah Center thing, which I can understand, but also, not too subtly, because she's an overtly confidently sexual woman who doesn't need him to explain the facts of life. And apparently Michael had some snide little things to say about how Madonna was in love with him, and also jealous because he got more adulation than her.

Here's my question. Rabbi Shmuley calls Madonna 'vulgar', and criticizes her for 'simulating sex' and kissing Britney Spears (why Madonna is not allowed to kiss Britney remains unclear). How in the Lord's name does the Kosher Sex Rabbi hope to write an even slightly positive book about a man whose sex life was at best dysfunctional, and probably criminal, predatory, and really much more problematic than kissing Britney Spears or being naked in a movie? Let's get real.


anarcho~Zionist said...

Has the good rabbi ever had sex, for that matter?

Eliyahu said...

it would be amazing if he pulls that off. personally, i've never been a great Madonna fan. but i do really admire her discipline in keeping herself in shape, her raising her children privately, and her interest in things Jewish, especially Kabbalah. hmm, maybe she's a more successful media figure than r. boteach. as for shmuley, i do have to admire the idea of appreciating a person's positive aspects. on the other hand, why not just give out copies of the Thriller CD?