Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a crazy time

I'm busy these days. Busy, busy, busy.

Which is weird, because I'm only working part time, but I'm working two jobs part time, which means I spend six days a week needing to be somewhere, sometime.

Tomorrow, though, is a bit of a change. St. Dymphna's is having a service day, which means that my 'faith family' and I, and some other people, are taking off to completely revamp the teacher's lounge at a local Catholic elementary school. We're doing the full Complete Lounge Makeover. Paint, artwork, new carpet.

NEW CARPET? That was the part that threw me. For God's sake, they want me to lay a carpet with these kids? But apparently Mr. Villanueva, who is a professional carpet layer, is coming with us, and we have some special easy-to-lay carpet from Ikea...whatever. It will be OK.

I registered with Little Verdant Footballs. It was a moment of weakness. I've been spending too much time reading and commenting and playing around. I have a weird relationship with LGF. I find lots of the people there interesting and funny, and I enjoy being someplace where Israel is news, and no one will ever turn anti-Semitic or plaintively ask why Israel won't make peace with the poor Palestinians. And they have entertaining discussions about anti-evolution forces in the GOP, and I sort of let the incessant bashing of Nancy Pelosi flutter by me.

I think I may have to give it up, though, after a few months of cautious fun. For one thing, they are getting absolutely wonko about Obama, and honestly, I'm getting bored hearing about how the Communists are gonna take away their guns and make them pay for health care for unemployed undocumented Democrats.

For another, today I finally got irked enough to mildly object to a frequent trope of theirs, calling Mohammed (the prophet, not my ex-sixth-grade student) a 'pedophile', due to his marriage to Aisha. I pointed out, I thought rationally, that a lot of girls were married off very very young for political reasons in the seventh century, worldwide, and that the constant moral indignation about this was wearing thin. I was called a moral relativist on the spot. OK. Not such a big deal.

Then, this evening, I got annoyed when one of the regular posters bitterly complained about Muslim children being allowed to use school space for prayer. My take on this is pretty simple--it's legal, Christian students do it all the time, no big whoop. (Moreover, on this site, it's more common for people to complain that Christian students aren't allowed to pray at school. Which is not the heck true.)

Wrong, big whoop. Not from a whole lot of people, but intensely from a few regulars. Not my favorite people, but still. I got pissed off when told that Islam was not a religion, but a primitive death cult, and I was probably not really a Jew. I called that gal a bigot. Bigger whoop. Personal attacks. Then someone tried to help by sending me a link to a website that could explain the existence of Islamic terror to me.

Well, heck, that opened my eyes right up. I love it when people assume that if you're in favor of letting Muslim schoolchildren pray, and don't stand for slimy religious bigotry, you're a starry-eyed moron.

Anyway, I'm just venting a little right now. I just wish I could find a pro-Israel, centrist Democrat website to hang out on, I suppose. One with no crazy people on it.

Anyway. Busy, busy, tired. Wish the fella could find a job. No one calls back. Except for the census, who called back, but didn't leave a phone number or a name, and wouldn't accept calls at the phone number he had. Now they've called back and left a message telling him that they called eight times, and wanted to know why he didn't set up an appointment. And when he called to tell them, the line was busy.

If you want to know who's running the census, the answer is: no one too bright.

On a good note, Basya, my bridesmaid, is back in town, and she's moved in with Niamh, also my bridesmaid, and we're getting to spend a little time together, and it's way cool.

On a worrisome note, Pesach is coming.

There is chametz in every corner of my house. I am considering taking a note from the Ethiopian minhag and simply camping out on my deck for the duration of the holiday.

And there's work, which is just complicated.

It's the middle of the bloody night, so I should get some sleep.

Guess I'm back to blogging.


The back of the hill said...

I got pissed off when told that Islam was not a religion, but a primitive death cult

Well, Thuggee was a death cult. The Crusading orders may at times have seemed like death cults. Any faith that concerns itself with an afterlife is technically a death cult (erm, I guess that's all of them).

The last time a religious nut asked me my religion, I told her 'Grelzakian Toad Cult'. It didn't go over well.

I usually avoid tiny viridian spheroids. But I just love that graphic of the panicky chap jumping into the protective arms of a whatzis that used to be on the site.

Anonymous said...

Berkeley Hillel offered the Muslim students the Hillel chapel for prayer- hows that for an attempt at co-existence?