Saturday, December 01, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude

This has been a really amazingly bad week in some ways. The Byzantine politics at school are getting sillier and less funny. On Thursday a kid told me that he didn't care if he went to jail or not, as long as he lived to twenty.

And yesterday, Giora told Miryam that her mother should be more tsniudik in her choice of makeup because she was causing involuntary arousal in him, and putting him in danger of hotza'at zera levatala--except that, not being a yeshiva bocher, he didn't put it like that, he put it in terms so crude that his father had to call the school to find out what was said, because his son was too ashamed to repeat it to his father.

Anyway. I got paid, so I went grocery shopping on Thursday night, and I went berserk. I filled a cart at Trader Joe's, and then filled another one at Lucky. I bought meat and canned goods (and some canned goods for the canned food drive at school--my homeroom is SO winning, thanks to Savta Temimah, grandma of Ari, who cleared out her pantry of extras), and pasta and polenta and lots of frozen things, and basically got three weeks to a month's worth of food if I buy a little extra produce and milk and such here and there.

I got hit with gratitude. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to go into a grocery store with money in the bank and buy food like this. To live in a place where you can get good, clean food, plenty of it, on a teacher's salary. To be food-secure in America. I am so damn lucky.

(I am not totally sure that my husband, who got to help me drag the cans up the stairs was quite as grateful.)

Anyway. I'm putting my gratitude on the record, with the usual official rider to Her Who I'm Grateful To that I have unanswered concerns about why everyone doesn't get to have this...

My stand-up freezer is jam-packed. It's awesome.

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