Saturday, October 13, 2007

And on the Seventh Day She Blogged

And also played computer games, bought underwear online, and made really good coffee, not the Nescafe she gets on weekday mornings.

The one thing I am absolutely refusing to do, though, is work stuff. I go in almost every Sunday, and I have determined that if I do not take Shabbos off, I will be a wreck.

I wonder if this is gradually going to lead me in a shomer-shabbosdik direction. We'll see.

Meanwhile, a kid in my class--not a jerk kid by any means--asked me if I didn't feel bad that my people killed Jesus--and actually did not believe me when I said my people WERE Jesus--or rather, that he was part of them. I suggested she consult her pastor on this one.


This is not the first time this has come up. It's not constant, by any means, but I have heard a handful of remarks since I started teaching. I wonder if there are any online resources for dealing with this kind of thing in your classroom.


Anonymous said...

The one comment that always works with kid's questions concerning Jesus is "Yes, I am really lucky...Jesus was a Jew, and so am I....for some reason, it always satisfies the younger mind.

Dinu Popa said...

Time to appologize. Appologize for trying to kidnap Jesus from y'alls. It is idiotic, ridiculous and illogic to accuse the very people entrusted with the scriptures and new testament. Us Christian have a lot of a@s kissing to do. Once again, sorry.