Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kitchen knives

The Balabusta is tentatively starting to think about wedding present registries. (Tentatively, because she is thirty-three, and it seems insane to ask people for presents just because she's finally getting married...oh well. I lack a sense of entitlement, people.)

Anyway, one of the things we really do need, and I would like, is nice kitchen knives, since I'm sick of hacking vegetables with stainless steel cut-outs. Problem is, most of the quality ones seem to be made in Germany, and I got issues. (Do the issues make sense? I've been known to buy German products over ones made in China, since I figure it's better to patronize a country that used to use slave labor rather than one that is documentably using slave labor NOW. But knives...knives is different. Somehow.)

Can anyone recommend to me a nice range of fairly good (not necessarily super-good) quality kitchen knives made in some nice place like Canada or Denmark, or somewhere like that? Where do frum gourmets buy their knives?


Eliyahu said...

well, there are the Japanese knives, by Global. And, as my business partner, who won't buy a German car, says, "Japanese is OK. The Japanese tried to kill everybody." Also, the Rachael Ray knives are very nice: And, please let us know where you are registering, and you simply must register, so that you make it possible for us to share your joy.

Anonymous said...

vitornox knives are the best! i think they are from switzerland.