Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Transit

I am so tired of having a cold--and here we go for round umpteengazillion. I need to talk to my doctor about this, also about the pain in my left hip and disc. Not too long ago, while talking to one of my classes, I described myself as an "old lady". This is not uncommon. I have been known to tell classes that when I was their age, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and that Charlemagne and I went to high school together back before he became Holy Roman Emperor. For the most part, they accept this.

But one of the kids came up to me after class on this particular day, and said "Ms. Bluejeans, you're not really old. You're just kind of middle-aged."

Awwwwwww. (I repeated this story to a colleague a couple of years younger than I, who was NOT amused.)

Anyway, I'm too young to be falling apart like this. I've joined the Jazzercise place down the street from me; maybe getting some exercise will help.

I mostly hate getting sick because I feel as though I'm just barely keeping things pinned together with chicken wire and safety pins as it is, and when I'm sick, things fall apart, I mean things REALLY fall apart. I didn't go in to work to do my grades this weekend, and oh, I'll pay for that.

And I'm trying to job hunt.

Have I mentioned how much I hate job hunting? And how much I hate job hunting while trying to put together a wedding, finish a school year, and get all the other bits of my life running smoothly? Aaaagh.

Oh, and Pesach is happening again, even though I told them last year that I didn't have the energy to deal with it again so soon.

Why do they do this to me?

Anyway, about the job hunting: on Monday I went into my principal's office to talk to her, having written her a letter about concerns I was having about my job, and we decided that I shouldn't come back. I think I might have been able to keep the job, but it would have been really hard to sell myself to all the people who didn't want me back, and also the principal is leaving, and the new principal is a woman I can't work with. So there we are.

I was incredibly mature about the whole thing. Now I sort of wish I had thrown something, or at least bad-mouthed the new principal. But probably better I didn't.

Oh well.


Tia said...

Job hunting: try Tehiyah- the Jewish Day school 5 minutes from where you live. There is at least one teacher retiring this year.
And welcome back.

Eliyahu said...

SORRY, BUT YOU ARE NOT AN OLD LADY! (well, actually, speaking for the fellow, i'm not really sorry....but you're still not an old lady)

The back of the hill said...

Welcome back, welcome back.

Good luck with everything, and have a great peysach!