Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Angelina as Mariane

Apparently they're making a movie out of Daniel Pearl's widow's book, and Angelina Jolie will play Mariane Pearl.

She actually looks quite good in the role--they've gotten the hair and makeup very close, and there's something similar about their faces anyway--and apparently Brad Pitt is directing. And I haven't read the book.

I guess I'm just wondering how the anti-Semitism tied into Pearl's death is going to be dealt with, or if it's going to be dealt with at all. I may be stereotyping badly, but I can't imagine that's something Jolie and Pitt are interested in or prepared to deal with.


Amishav said...

At least it isn't being directed by Mel.

Anonymous said...

Minor point: the film is being produced by Brad, not directed. The director is Michael Winterbottom, the most brilliantly erratic and literate director since John Huston shuffled off this mortal coil. His previous films include 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, and TRISTRAM SHANDY, both post-modern laugh riots, the distopian CODE 46, and a couple of Thomas hardy inspired vehicles, JUDE, and THE CLAIM (based on THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE). Winterbottom's prolific oeuvre has ranged from the brilliant (most of those adduced above) to the unwatchable (9 SONGS); it will be interesting to see where the Pearl film falls in the spectrum.