Thursday, November 23, 2006

We Gather Together...

This year I am thankful. I am thankful that my father is recovering from the Series of Unfortunate Events that took place this past month. I am thankful that (oxygen and all), he is going home tomorrow we think/hope/pray. I am thankful that tomorrow I will be going to visit him and my mom, and perhaps eating a turkey sandwich.

I am thankful for other stuff too--new apartment, better job, love of a good man, great friends...but right now, that's sort of blending into the background.

On the Balabusta front--vay's mir. There's an old Allison Bechtel cartoon (she writes Dykes to Watch Out For) where a therapist demonstrates various ways to break up with a ball of Silly Putty and asks "Have you been breaking up with your girlfriend for so long that you're starting to feel thin and sticky?" I have officially been moving for so long that I feel thin and sticky. The fella's van is broken, so we have been relying on the kindness of one particular friend who owns a truck. This friend is also a large man who believes in helping one's friends, and he is capable of lifting a La-Z-Boy onto his head and walking up a flight of stairs with it, which the Balabusta sure as hell cannot do. So that has been fabulous. The problem is that we can ONLY move when he is available, and he has school, and a home life, and all of that good, the beholden-ness level is getting uncomfortably high. We hope to fix the van on Friday, but still...

We still need to clear out the garage, and clean the old place, and time is running out, since I am NOT gonna pay more rent for the old place. No way, no how. Also, the realtor who rented it to us the last time keeps calling to check on how we're doing. Praying for deposit return...

Anyway. It's Thanksgiving, and I am thankful. Hodu l'adonai ki tov. (You can take that in both the serious and the silly sense.) I'm off to peel some parboiled yams.


Amishav said...

I'm very glad to hear that your father is coming home- and I really hope that he continues to get stronger. Be well.

Tia said...

I am glad your father is doing better.
Excuse the non-sequitor, and excuse what might be considering strange stalking behavior :

I am sending this to you because its right in your neighborhood, and because you've expressed solidarity with Israel in the past.
"Jewish Voice for Peace" are the charming folks who stood next to Jihadis chanting "The Jews are our Dogs" at the Israeli Consulate this summer. Some of us call them "Jewish Voice for Capitulation"

This is an action alert calling for your help to
counter what will be an Anti-Israel presentation to
the Democratic Club of El Cerrito by Jewish Voice for
Peace. Note that these are the people who are often
seen demonstrating along side pro-Palestinian
supporters at anti-Israel rallies. It is important for
all of those who wish to stem the tide of the
Democratic Party that is quickly heading towards
neutrality or even outright hostility against Israel.
If you are a Democrat, it is important especially that
you attend. It is scheduled to occur on Tuesday
evening, November 28, 2006 at 7:30 at 545 Ashbury in
El Cerrito (the Presbyterian Church)

If at all possible, please plan on being there, and feel free to forward to whoever you think might also be interested.

The back of the hill said...

Baruch haShem things are going better. And I shall pray that things continue to improve.
Be well. And your father should also be well.