Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The E-Mail

As I'm sitting peacefully at my computer grading papers this afternoon, comes a call from the vice principal of the school I will only be working at for a few more months.

It seems that he has received an e-mail. It's from me, or rather from my e-mail account. It contains some typographical errors. And it reads:

Dear Mr. (Vice Principal)

(New kid's name here) cant be in my p.m. core.can he be in my a.m core?


The new kid showed up Monday, and after some testing I decided he should go in my afternoon group.

Mr. VP knows I do not tend to drop apostrophes. He also knows that at 3:21 P.M. yesterday, the time the message was sent, I was sitting in the staff meeting, with my eyes glazing over.

There was a little girl, however, who asked if she could do some typing on my computer after class.

Her cute little learning-English tuchis is grass.

I wish I knew why she wants the new kid to be in her class. I can only assume she thinks he is cute.


Eliyahu said...

that girl is going to go far!

Anonymous said...

It's actually kinda funny! Creative child . . .Not appropriate, but creative!